Interim Executive Board (IEB)

The Interim Executive Board (IEB) at The Meadows School replaces the Local Governing Board and it comprises of the following Interim Executive Members:

Dr M Cottrell: Deputy CEO WMAT and Director of Primary
Term of office: 28th February 2018 - TBC

Mr K Hancock
Term of office: 
28th February 2018 - TBC

Mrs J Mounter: Headteacher
Term of office: 28th February 2018 - TBC

Mrs S Robbins: Chair
Term of office: 28th February 2018 - TBC

To contact the Chair of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) please address your correspondence to the Clerk to Governors.

Clerk to Governors: Annette Halliwell

Tel: 0117 9864751

Further information

Structure of Governance

For more information see the structure of the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust Board



Our staff

Headteacher: Joy Mounter
Deputy Headteacher: Wendy Carver
School administrator: Lynn Luther
Clerical assistants: Liz Johnson

Reception Year: Kate Sapoff and Philippa Kershaw
Year 1:
 Wendy Carver and Kathryn Hamlen
Year 2: Jenny Meacher
Year 3: Jo Campbell
Year 4: Tim Burke
Year 5: Rachel Webb
Year 6: Stella Gentle

Breakfast Club Senior Leader: Shelley Robinson
Breakfast Club assistant: Jo Bohin                   
Breakfast Club assistant: Joy Dando
Breakfast Club assistant: Gill Pedrick

Chef: Gary Webb
Assistant Chef: Jackie Caswell

Cleaning staff: Joy Dando
Cleaning staff: Jo Bohin

Keyholder: Jo Bohin

Senior Lunchtime Ranger: Claire Long
Lunchtime Ranger: Jo Bohin                      
Lunchtime Ranger: Joy Dando
Lunchtime Ranger: Gill Pedrick                  
Lunchtime Ranger: Julie Staddon

SEN teaching assistant: Jane Fussell
SEN teaching assistant: Melissa Richter

Teaching Assistant: Claire Adams
Teaching Assistant: Sam Burt
Teaching Assistant: Sam Horswell
Teaching Assistant: Michelle Kerfoot
Teaching Assistant: Alison Maggs
Teaching Assistant: Shelley Robinson
Teaching Assistant: Fiona White


Latest Ofsted Report

Since joining the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust we are effectively a new establishment and we are awaiting our first inspection.


SATs results

Our SATs results for KS1 and 2 are below, together with results from the EYFS and Year 1 phonic screening test:

If you would like to read more about the school then please see the school profile and performance tables.


Local offer for SEND children

The Meadows Primary School is an inclusive mainstream primary school that is part of the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust. We provide for a wide range of needs including those related to Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social and Emotional difficulties and Sensory & Physical difficulties.

For more information please see our local for SEND provision (Pdf, 128kb)



At The Meadows Primary School we are committed to the protection and safety of its pupils.

The school complies with the DBS Code of Practice in regard to criminal record information; it will not discriminate unfairly against any applicant on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.

NB: The Eteach job advertisements may take a while to load, please be patient.


You may also be interested in the career opportunities within the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust.


Sport and PE premium funding

What is the sports premium?

All schools receive additional funding from the government, to support the development of sport and physical education (PE) across their school. Funding must be used to facilitate additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport within the school, and to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. More information can be found on the PE and sport premium for primary schools website.

Please see our sport premium allocation 2017-18 (Pdf)

Please see our sport premium impact review 2017-18 (Pdf)

Please see our sport premium allocation 2018-19 (Pdf)