The Futura Curriculum


We have our own Futura Curriculum that has been developed for all our Futura schools.  It is a progressive curriculum that is designed for age 2 - 19 years.  It has been developed by cross phase Curriculum Development Groups with specialists in these areas designing the curriculum.  Please read our Futura Curriculum principles for our curriculum intent.


Our Futura Curriculum is inspirational and ambitious and covers the National Curriculum that was introduced by the Government in 2014, but with more detail. Our learners get off to the best start with our Futura curriculum that ensures full coverage of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

It is a knowledge-engaged curriculum that allows progression of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge and promotes giving our learners the very best life chances. Our curriculum enables children to Focus, Flourish and Fly. 


How we deliver our curriculum 

We deliver our History, Geography, Science, Art and Design Technology curriculum through engaging and exciting half-termly topics.  This ensures our curriculum is engaging, challenging and creative and provides positive learning experiences for the children. 

We ensure that our topics provide engaging and exciting learning activities, with cross-curricular links, allowing children to become totally immersed in their learning whilst ensuring that key knowledge and skills are deeply embedded.

We believe children learn best when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum provides lots of learning challenges throughout the year that will require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.  

As well as our cross curriculuar themes, we also deliver our Futura Curriculum through some discreet curriculum topics in English, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish), Physical Education, Personal Social Health Education and Religious Education. 

For more information on each subject please see the below subject areas and the classes section for the coverage of each subject per year group.

Futura Curriculum

• Futura Curriculum booklet (Pdf)


Art and Design

Children create and explore

At The Meadows our intent for Art and Design is that learners will explore a diverse range of traditional and contemporary Artists, Craftspeople and Designers, fostering their curiosity and understanding of the world around them. Learners’ experiences will enable them to develop an appreciation of their own and other cultures and how artistic styles have been influenced over time. Through high quality art lessons learners will become reflective critical thinkers with the abilities to express themselves creatively. They will learn to evaluate their own work and the work of others.

A well-sequenced art curriculum will allow learners to make continued progression through the refinement of skills and building on prior knowledge. Learners will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a range of contexts. Learners will be exposed to art in the local community, galleries and museums to inspire and inform their creative practice.


Confident in the digital age

Children use technology in fun, creative and purposeful ways. Our computing curriculum will prepare children for the fast moving world in which they live, whilst ensuring they know how to remain safe online. 

Design and Technology (DT)

Innovation and problem solving

The DT process in our school involves analysis, problem-solving, making and evaluation – all important skills for children to learn in the modern world.

All children will have an understanding of the whole process of product design, creation and evaluation including design brief and research on existing products where possible.

Children will understand the importance of evaluation and refinement of a design.

Early Years

Spread your wings and fly!

Child led play at The Meadows Primary School.

The period from age three to the end of the Reception year is described as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is a distinct stage and important both in its own right and in preparing children for later schooling. At The Meadows we have an intake of up to 30 children in to Poppy Class as we are a one form entry school.

The intent of our Futura curriculum is to ensure our pupils develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives. The EYFS in our Reception class is the start of our pupils' school journey towards achieving this important purpose. In Poppy Class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Futura curriculum.

Within the Reception year, we embark on a curriculum that is implemented through a mix of child-initiated and adult-led learning opportunities – but always taking into account the interests and needs of the children. 


Focus, Fourish and Fly in Learning and Development 

The learning we provide encourages children to develop into independent, motivated learners who are full of curiosity about the world around them in a happy and secure environment. 

Some elements of Maths and English skills are taught discretely through whole class or small group teacher led sessions. The children have daily phonics lessons, maths meetings and group times that are adult directed.The children also have time to extend and consolidate learning through a play-based, child-led curriculum. This is their daily explore and learn time. Play provides opportunities for children to experience learning in a meaningful and purposeful way, allowing them to develop the skills needed to become effective learners. 

EYFS pupils learning through play at The Meadows Primary School.

• The inclusion of the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are integral to both direct and child initiated learning. Children have an opportunity to develop and use these skills through play on a daily basis in addition to the planned focussed English and Maths teaching. The integrity of these skills ensures they are viewed by the children as relevant to their lives, with meaning and purpose
• Phonics is taught daily using the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme
• During our explore and learn sessions the children have choice from a range of carefully planned activities that the adults have provided. The activities are planned based on children's interests as well as identified next steps. Each area of the provision has core resources that have been identified as developmentally appropriate for the term and then the teacher plans provocations and enhancements to ensure high level engagement and interest
• Teachers use formative assessment to monitor progress within the Early Years Framework. Assessments are in the form of observations of learning as it happens and are evidenced in each child’s Tapestry Learning Journal with assessments tracked on Insight
• Assessments identify next steps for groups and individuals and inform the focus for provision. During explore and learn the adults will be observing children in play or engaging with the play to ensure learning moves forward
• Environments are planned and adapted to reflect children’s needs
• Reviewing of learning with the children plays an important role in developing good thinking habits and independent learners. The children have daily review sessions
• Ensuring opportunities for children to develop creative and critical thinking is a key element of provision and will enable children to foster good learning attitudes that will build the foundations for the rest of their journey through education.

Child led play at The Meadows Primary School.

Children are at the heart of all we do

All adults working with children within the setting know them well and will observe a child’s development and learning. This is evidenced in each child’s Tapestry Online Learning Journal. 

At The Meadows we support children to interact and engages with their environment, peers and supporting adults in a purposeful way. We want the children to be playing and exploring, be active in their learning and creating and thinking critically. This underpins all teaching and learning opportunities with the ultimate aim of creating motivated and curious learners. 

The transition into Primary education can be a big step and families are supported through this process in a number of ways throughout the summer term and into their first term at school. 

Throughout a child’s time in EYFS, home/school relationships play a crucial part in a child’s learning. Insight and Tapestry are used as tools for sharing a child’s learning in school as well as allowing families to share achievements from home. 

PSHE activities, such as the SCARF scheme, are used to support the development of strong relationships between children and their peers as well as helping children to develop trusting relationships with the adults who care for them in school. 

EYFS pupils learning through play at The Meadows Primary School.


Curiosity and big dreams

• The classroom environment is organised to enable children to access a wide range of resources independently during their play; this is called ‘continuous provision’ – the continuous provision allows children’s learning to continue when they are working without an adult’s support
• The adults within the setting continually observe children’s interests and learning behaviours. They use this knowledge to add enhancements and provocations to the continuous provision; creating ‘enhanced provision’ 
• Each day, children have extended periods of time where they can follow their own learning agenda with time for playing, exploring and learning through a carefully resourced and planned learning environment; inside and out. This is their explore and learn time.

Child led play at The Meadows Primary School.

We are passionate about early education and know that it is the time when we can ignite the love of learning in our children. At the end of EYFS we aim for all children to become enthusiastic lifelong learners with a belief that anything is possible. The children will have developed learning skills that help them to focus, flourish and fly whilst continuing their learning journey at The Meadows.


Opening doors to new worlds

English at The Meadows

At The Meadows Primary School, we focus on providing opportunities for all children to develop as literate individuals with an appreciation of both the written and spoken word. We aim to equip children with the knowledge and skills to be successful communicators and believe in creating an environment where reading is celebrated and loved by all.


We teach phonics using Read, Write Inc from EYFS to Year 2. Children in these year groups have a daily phonics lesson followed by a reading lesson. We focus on children being able to read fluently and accurately whilst developing comprehension skills. We use phonics displays and resources to enable children to consolidate their phonics and apply to other areas of English such as writing. We encourage children to learn to say their sounds in a pure way, find more information on pronunciation. We teach children to use Fred talk to equip children with the strategies to decode words confidently and accurately.


In EYFS and Key Stage 1, we use the Read, Write Inc story books to ensure that children read phonically decodable books that are appropriate to children’s individual reading needs. All classrooms have a selection of books which are matched to class topics and children’s interests. We encourage children to settle down in classroom book corners and enjoy a good book. This helps us to promote a love of reading.

We have a reading scheme which provides children with books that are matched to their comprehension and word reading skills and use a thorough assessment system to benchmark where children are placed on the scheme.

In Key Stage 2, children may continue to read scheme books and also books chosen by themselves which they may access from their classroom or the school library.

From Year 2 to Year 6, children have a daily whole class reading lessons and we use VIPERS to focus children on different reading skills.

It is within these lessons that children get to respond to reading and develop their understanding of a range of texts/genres.


We teach daily writing lessons from EYFS to Year 6 following a structured teaching sequence where writing opportunities are carefully mapped out across a series of weeks. Within the sequence, children get opportunities to learn skills explicitly and then apply to pieces of writing across a unit of work. The sequence is grounded in the use of high quality, age related texts which inspire and engage children in the reading and writing process.

We also have planned opportunities to write based on their own interests in a book which belongs to each child and is not marked by the teacher. This helps children to develop a love or writing. We call this Free Write Friday.


Our Wonderful World

At the Meadows Primary School our children will experience a rich and challenging Geography curriculum, through which they will learn about the world and how people live.

We place great value on equipping children with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with developing a deep understanding of the earth’s key physical and human processes.

They will use maps, artefacts, accounts, books, images, videos and websites, as well as their own observations during fieldwork and visits.


Bringing the past to life

We aim to enrich, inspire and enthuse children in their understanding of the past and how it has changed and evolved over the years. Our studies are both within and before living memory. To support our learning, we have a wealth of resources, including books, artefacts, photographs, paintings, DVDs, costumes, log books and websites. We also access additional resources and artefacts brought in to support our topics.

We ensure that children are given a range of experiences and opportunities so that they develop as inquisitive, curious historians that love asking meaningful questions about the past.


Habla español

Children will benefit from an engaging Spanish curriculum where key vocabulary is delivered through videos, songs and engaging lessons. Children will have a chance to practise their new skills through speaking, listening and writing of key vocabulary. They will increase their language confidence and knowledge and will have a range of opportunities to write in Spanish. 

Through their learning of Spanish literature and key festivals, their culture appreciation will increase. We aim to develop a love of languages alongside fostering curiosity and understanding of the world.


Marvellous Maths at The Meadows

Our philosophy

Our focus in mathematics teaching at The Meadows Primary School is to inspire our children to be confident and enthusiastic mathematicians, making sense of the world around them through the development of their ability to reason, calculate and solve problems, building on skills learned in previous years.

Maths curriculum

The children have a daily mathematics lesson following the White Rose Maths Primary scheme of work, which builds on previous learning, year by year with an emphasis on using concrete resources, pictorial and moving onto abstract. Children are given daily opportunities to problem-solve and reason their mathematics. We hold daily maths meetings where children recall known facts from number, calculation, shape, measure and statistics.

During daily lessons children may work as a whole class, in groups or individually as appropriate. Maths is often of a practical nature, with more formal written methods being taught at Key Stage 2.

For our youngest learners in EYFS, we follow the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework. Teachers use the White Rose scheme of learning for Reception as a guide to meet the early years goals.

For Homework the children use Doodle Maths to consodlidate learning in school.  They learn multiplication tables using TT Rockstars.


Let's make music

At The Meadows we offer a high quality music education delivered through Charanga that will engage and inspire children to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. 

We are well equipped for music resources and all children are encouraged to participate and extend their musical development using pitched and unpitched instruments. Children explore rhythms, melodies, pitch, dynamics and timbre, developing teamwork, independence and self-confidence.

Instrumental lessons are taught by South Gloucestershire music hub, offering guitar and keyboard.

Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship

Happy, healthy, independent and responsible citizens

Pupils at The Meadows are healthy, happy, independent and responsible citizens.  We promote a positive attitude to health, mental well-being and deliver an age-appropriate Relationships and Sex Education programme. We carried out our Statutory Consultation where parents were asked to share their views or ask questions about our curriculum and policy.  If you have further questions they can be raised using this microsoft form.

We aim to give our pupils a range of opportunities in PSHE lessons and assemblies to develop confidence, self-motivation and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within our school, in their community and beyond.  We deliver our PSHE lessons using a curriculum called SCARF by Coram Life Education.  This scheme is developed by teachers and centred on a values-based and ‘Growth Mindset’ approach, promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement.

Our school has an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) who builds on this curriculum with small group or individual support for children and families.  We also have a Pastoral Teaching Assistant who works alongside our ELSA supporting children and families as required.  Please contact the school office if you have any questions or need support.

Physical Education (PE)

Fitness is Fabulous

At The Meadows we want every child to explore their physical potential and find activity that they love through daily experiences of health and fitness alongside their PE lessons.

Children engage in a wide variety of physical activities through the PE curriculum, class based daily physical activities, extra-curricular sports clubs and inclusive sports festivals.

Children have regular time to develop their well being through Go Noodle, Supermovers, run a mile and mindfulness sessions. We will promote the health benefits, both physical and mental, of a lifelong engagement in regular exercise. 

Religious Education (RE)

Life in our diverse world

Religious Education at The Meadows is taught through immersive themed RE days which will be fun, inclusive and creative. This learning is also supplemented by regular exposure to different cultures and beliefs through story times and text choices in English and their Topics. Children learn to uphold the school values of honesty, kindness, respect and self-belief through the exploration of the practices and beliefs of others and of themselves. They will be prepared for life in a diverse and multicultural world.

Cornerstones 'Love to Celebrate' curriculum underpins the progressive teaching of RE at The Meadows Primary School. Throughout their time at The Meadows children experience a range of visits and visitors to enhance their understanding of a range of faiths and beliefs.



Always question, always wonder

At The Meadows our focus in Science is for all children to gain a broad range of scientific knowledge and skills that help them to always question and wonder about the world around them.Through teaching progressive key scientific knowledge,and children having regular opportunities to experiment and explore, we help them to develop an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live. 

We encourage the children to pose scientific questions and then discover interesting ways to answer them. We regularly teach scientific vocabulary alongside key knowledge to develop confidence in articulating the science in their world.